Our Story

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. is a family-owned group of companies all focused within shipping and logistics with headquarters
on Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael, Barbados.


These companies represent various bulk carriers, cruise ships, container shipping companies, research vessels and worldwide NVOCC operators. It is our philosophy to provide our Principals with the most honest, efficient and hassle-free service available anywhere.

We pride ourselves in establishing rewarding and long-term relationships with all our partners and providing quality personalized service to every customer, without exception.

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Eric Hassell

ERIC HASSELL, the son of Captain Frank Hassell was born. Captain Frank Hassell came to Barbados from Saba, DWI at 8 years of age by schooner, which was captained by his father.


Apprenticeship At 11 Years Old

At 11 years old, at the insistence of his father, Eric was signed on the 65-foot-long trading schooner “Edward VII” which was under the command of his father, Frank.

During this time the young Eric Hassell learned the ropes from the bottom rung, that is, as a deck boy doing chores such as swabbing the decks and splicing ropes. Eric literally taught himself by reading voraciously during his limited free time.


Captancy of “Edward VII”

After serving his apprenticeship, Hassell took over the Captaincy of “Edward VII” He also captained other boats including “Comrade”, “Manuata” and the “Lucille Smith” before taking over the motorized and ill-fated “Zipper” in 1959.


The Zipper Takes In Water

In the only mishap with a vessel during his 27 years as a seafarer, the “Zipper” took in water. Fortunately, Hassell sent off a “May Day” signal and a passing ship rescued him and his crew.

This was the turning point for him as he had pledged that if a boat had sunk under him that it would be the end of his career at sea.


Eric Hassell & Son Ltd.

Captain Eric Hassell established Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. with the assistance of his son, Geoffrey. The agency handled almost one hundred
inter-island freighters that called at Barbados at that time.


Grain, Corn & Rice To Barbados

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. introduced the first open-hatch bulk carriers of grain, corn and rice to Barbados. This internationally known Carrier provides an invaluable service to Barbados.

The vessels are fitted with their own conventional slewing cranes and with their own grabs, which is optimal for the discharge operation.


Shipping Association of Barbados

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. was one of the founding members of the Shipping Association of Barbados, whose role is to unite member agents on matters pertaining to the handling of ships and cargo,

and to ensure positive relationships are maintained between the shipping agents, related port agencies and the union.


Containerized Shipping

The company entered containerized shipping by providing quality representation to European and U.S. based shipping lines.


Geoffrey Hassell At The Helm

Captain Hassell passed away leaving the business in the hands of his son, Geoffrey Hassell and later another son, Frank Hassell, and granddaughter, Erica Luke.

He also left behind a capable and knowledgeable staff comprising several individuals who had been with him for many years. These include; Noel Walcott, Operations Manager, who has spent all of his working life in the shipping sector and Cammie Springer, Operations Representative.

Pat Lewis, the Office Administrator, recently celebrated twenty-five years with the Company. Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. takes pride in knowing that its employees are loyal and dedicated to the Company.


Eric Hassell & Son Continues

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. continues to represent inter-island freighters, worldwide consolidators by air and sea and bulk carriers and welcomes the opportunity to meet with any new clients interested in establishing a bulk shipping service to Barbados.


Onboard Seabord Marine

Eric Hassell & Son Ltd. won the right to represent Seaboard Marine, containerized cargo from all parts of the Americas, with weekly scheduled service from their private terminal in Miami, Florida.


Providing Quality Personalized Service

To Every Customer

Managing Director

Erica Luke

We provide excellent, customer friendly and personable service to all our valued clients and partners. Delivering consistent and dedicated Shipping services of the highest quality Regionally and Internationally.